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kapton heating element
    kapton heating element

Product Description:

Input voltage: 3V - 380V 

Insulation material: Kapton 

Heating materials: OCr25Al5A and silver platinum alloy 

Thickness: 0.08 ~ 0.25mm 

Temperature: <170°C 

Good toughness, can be freely repeated bending surface, even heating and certain amount of radiation 

Customized sizes and shapes are accepted

 - Features:

 1. Good toughness,  free to repeatedly bend.

 2.  Heating up evenly and repidly.

 3.  Wide range of applications: for home appliances, electronics, medical, electric clothing, pet pads, demist mirror products, heating insolse.massager etc

 - R & D:

we can develop any size and shape as per your request and strictly select row material for our products to ensure nearly 100% pass rate when loading. If development needed, pls specify:

1. Size & shape

2. Power & voltage

3. Drawings for special shape.