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Split sheath cartridge heater
    Split sheath cartridge heater

Product Description:

Split Sheath Cartridge Heater

 The  Split Sheath Insertion Heaters are specially designed for platen, die, or mold applications with holes that are poorly drilled or worn with age. Each section expands independently for optimum contact with the walls of the hole.

Technical data:
Material:   Incoloy800,Incoloy840,SUS202,SUS304,SUS316L,SUS321,SUS310S
 Length:  100mm - 2m
 Diameter:   9.5mm - 25mm
 Heating wire:   Cr20Ni80
 Voltage:   12V - 440V
 Pressure:    > 1.5k/5s
 Insulation:   > 50mΩ
 Linner error:   ≤ 10mm
 Diameter error:   ≤ 0.05mm
 Length error:   ≤ 2mm
 Insulation:   High-temperature Oxidation Magnesium powder were used

Performance Features
Split sheath design
Improved conductive heat transfer
- Easily inserted and removed
- Compacted to maximum density for element to sheath heat transfer and dielectric strength


- Platens
- Dies
- Molds