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Copper nozzle band heater
    Copper nozzle band heater

Product Description:

Electric Copper Nozzle Band Heater

Brass nozzle heaters are a top-quality product with our unique high-technology.

They are sealed against external agents such as melted plastics. It is a rugged product that is very resistant to wearing and shocks. 5w per square centimeter allows a fast and safe reaching of the required working temperature.


1. Brass tubular sheath (available in stainless steel for corrosive materials such as PVC).

2. Power standard density: max brass 5 W/cm²

3. High thermal efficiency, long lifespan.
4. Diameter is available from 25mm to 150mm, and height is available from 25mm to 70mm.

5. Thermocouple K or J is available



1. Dies

2. Cylinders and drums

3. Holding Tanks

4. Plastic film extruders

5. Injection and blow Mould machine

6. All Plastic & Rubber Processing Machinery.